the soulwhirlingsomwhere yahoo group because there is just so much to discuss. the official projekt records website.
  idaho not the state. the band. one of the best ever.
  pete namlook/fax records more ambience than you can shake a stick at.
  the aphex twin no one is weirder than he. electronic music at its finest.
  gretsch guitars soulwhirlingsomewhere plays, or at least tries to, gretsch.
  vox amplifiers and soulwhirling tries playing those guitars through vox amps.
  Epic Laser Shows Yes, the world needs more lasers.
  exit productions good friend and fellow "really, really sad music" maker.
  audra friends and label-mates audra.
  the onion good, clean family fun. okay, maybe not clean.
  Global SEO and marketing an online marketing company owned by my friends.
  this just makes me smile i wish things were really this simple.