i can't get away from you, no matter what i fill my head with in the day. if i'm not caught up thinking about you every minute, then my sleep becomes you.

the dreams i have about you are relentless, and i can't get away from your face. they're the worst dreams in the world and i wake up heartbroken. they're the best dreams in the world but i still wake up heartbroken.

and lie awake. just like a cat, i cannot get away.

i'm stuck.

  The Repeating Ends of Twiceness

if he ever knew that this is how life runs itself; maybe he could have seen that he'll end up with everything falling apart for all of us.

how could you take my father's smile away like that?

we gave our years. wasted in a life that would let us down. ...let us down. that would let us down. blind from all we put in.

did you ever know that we were trying to save you? how couldn't you have seen that they were trying to save you?

  So Much

it's middle of june now, and it's been so long. it does me no good anymore to try to be strong. and i could do a better job of blocking out your words so when you tell me who you're sleeping with it probably wouldn't hurt so much.

fourth june that i've know you, and you're still the same. i'm glad i finally acknowledged we don't have much in common. and that frees me from thinking that there's anything left i can do. but try to ignore the fact that i still love you so much.

but am i over you?

i know i'm over you now. i know i'm over you now. and i could say it to your face; no, really - i swear that i'm over you now.