Piece of Wick Alight in a Pine
  i'm giving up. i've backed myself off now. like you always wished i would. and i guess you're not gonna change, no matter what i could ever do. you're never going to see that you'll never find anything. that nothing will come by running. all the things you bury yourself in can burn. they won't last like i would have. and all the time you want and the things you'll search for within it will all inevitably be over. and you'll never find anything that won't. except you-know-what.
  Every Female Werewolf Ever, Listed Alphabetically by Crime
  "you don't have to be so happy to see me." and that's all that comes to mind when i think of the first time i was aware that i didn't matter to you anymore. then i knew that there could be no hope. or even courtesy. this is where things all end up. your love, if it's even there, is a confusing weight i can't bear to try to figure out anymore. when will you make up your mind and stop screwing with mine? and there has been no resolve. or no end to my love. or your unbelievable ways. you just needed some escape. and i know you're not even there, but you're still a weight i waste my time just wishin' for. when will i see that you're done and put to better use my time? with girlfriends like you, who needs enemies.
  I Should Throw Myself Under a Train
  i'll throw myself under a train. it's not funny. it's not feeling sorry. nor am i asking you to. but some feelings never end. it's not funny when you feel this low. i'll throw myself under a train. it's not funny.
  i missed the fair again this year. that makes two. no ride atop the greasy ferris wheel with anyone. it ends up october, where everything starts for me. i waited for her to see for the third time. and thank God, she's wearing the same shirt again. and as strange as she was, that made her so familiar. that newness would brighten my life. and these are the last days the sun will shine before winter. the last time to warm our faces for half a year. and i keep missing no one to wait for. i keep missing. and thank God she's wearing the same shirt again.
  you were the best thing. and my first after i'd waited so long. it took me twenty-two years to finally get you. and now you're not mine anymore. your smart-ass little body sleeping in the sun. ...what i wouldn't give to feel you squirming out of my arms. you and your little feet, you and your little nose, you and your little breath. i can't tell you how much i miss you. this is just my luck. and who do you see that you mistake me for? can you have memories like i do? and who do you run away from? and who do you wait for? has she replaced me? well i don't really care because i still know you'd be happy to see me. maybe.