the last time i left
  not breathing
  i will never let go
  the great barrier
  i should throw myself under a train
  every female werewolf ever, listed alphabetically by crime
  so much
  forget it. i give up. goodbye. i love you.
  the wedding
  opening the ten-end
  nothing is different/arkansas
  the raining welt/copper eyes
  little gaze

"this new collection of songs spans the last ten years of soulwhirlingsomewhere. the album is scheduled to be released on Kalinkaland Records in Germany, and the tracks were selected by the label's founder Harald Lowy. although originally intended as an introduction compilation to European audiences, the album will now also be available in the U.S. on-line through the album contains songs from each of soulwhirlingsomewhere's five studio albums, and also includes a brand new studio recording of the previously unreleased song 'so much' as well as re-mastered version of 'stuck' as a hidden track which, until now, was only available as a download from the release date is scheduled for February 9th and will be available online from projekt's web-store."